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Virtual Class Themes

Each week we have an optional theme for our virtual singing classes. So if you want to dress up, bring a prop or use a virtual (or real!) background that's in keeping with the theme, we'd love you to join in! But it is not compulsory! Below is a list of themes: (photo from "Under the Sea" week!)


Zoom classes on Tuesdays at 2pm and Thursdays at 9am for 1 hour:

11th-17th Oct - Autumn Walks

18th-24th Oct - Bats!

25th-31st Oct - Halloween

1st-7th Nov - Light Show or Fireworks

8th-14th Nov - Candles

15th-21st Nov - Log Fires

22nd-28th Nov - Lanterns

29th Nov - 5th Dec - Jingle Bells

6th - 12th Dec - Christmas

Thursday 14th Dec - Zoom Christmas BIG Sing!

Sunday 17th December - In-person Christmas BIG Sing


No Zoom classes w/c 18th Dec or w/c 25th Dec. New term starts Tues 2nd January 2024

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